Live-Ticker from the Women’s Bundesliga in Deizisau

2000_IMG_6369Arrival in Plochingen: Hundertwasser-House (Friedensreich Hundertwasser is a famous architect from Vienna)

This weekend Schwäbisch Hall and Deizisau will meet Friedberg and Bad Königshofen in the Women’s Bundesliga. This time, host is our travel-partner from Deizisau. I was asked to write this blog in English as then also the players’ friends and families and the team members who are not playing this weekend can follow the events in Deizisau. I hope also the German readers can follow the blog more or less. Playing venue is the assembly hall within the Deizisau city hall (just next to the Old City Hall where Deizisau is usually playing). To follow the blog, update the page regularly.




Final result 3-3, Sopiko and Sophie lost, Nino won


Last update for the time being, as I have another appointment at 19:00: it will be very tight, Sopiko is unclear-worse, Nino slightly better, most probably draw, and Sophie worse in a rook/bishop ending. Bad Königshofen 2,5-1,5, Schöne lost, Schleining-Savina draw.


Irina has lost (blunder in equal position) – 2-1


Time control is over. Katia has won on board 4 against Anna Kantane, she won an exchange. However, it is still tight. Irina’s position is lost with 2 knights against the queen. Sophie is pawn down in an ending. Nino is now probably better, but the position is still very complicated (queen/bishop ending). Sopiko’s position is totally unclear, at least it is not completely lost anymore, which is was (at least I think so – no idea whether this is right) before time trouble. Bad Königshofen won boards 5 and 6, here it looks like a clear victory.


1-0 Schwäbisch Hall: Jana Zpevakova wins against Alisa Frey, after the opening Alisa was doing better, but Jana got counterplay and eventually the free pawn decided the game – the rest analysis will show. The remaining games: Sophie and Sopiko are clearly worse, I do not have much hope in both games. Nino is somehow ok again, here also analysis will be interesting.


Update shortly before time trouble: Board 1: Nino’s position is critical, I am not sure whether she can hold it, I even have the feeling, Melanie missed some better continuations. Board 2: unclear, Filiz is more active. Board 3: also critical, Sophie is a pawn up, but the white a-free-pawn is becoming stronger and stronger. Board 4: completely unclear with chances for both players, board 5: white is better, Sopiko has not much counterplay, although nothing forcing for white can be seen. Board 6: looks now good, Jana’s position is clearly better, but she has not much time left. This board is the best chance for a win, now the black king is very weak.


Currently I think Friedberg is doing better. Jana’s position at board 6 is unclear – her king is really pretty unsafe. Sopiko’s opponent has also a strong attacking position. Nino’s position is relatively passive, but without weaknesses. Sophie is a pawn up, but Belenkaya has a strong free pawn and attacking chances in the center. Ekaterina and Irina have complex but to my opinion equal positions. Time trouble will start soon – than the first decisions will come.

Deizisau-Bad Königshofen: there also still all results are possible.


Not much has happened within the last hour – typically, games are decided after 2,5-3 hours earliest. Board 1: Nino has a passive but stable position, board 2: black has a doubled pawn in the center, but this does not have to be a disadvantage, board 3: by far the sharpest position: black with a pawn on a3, white on a4, Sophie’s king still in the center, very difficult to judge who is better there. Board 4: also relative unclear, chances for both sides, board 5: same thing, board 6: Jana has some open files, but her king is still unsafe. She has a free pawn on c6, the game will show, whether it is weak or strong. So nothing decided so far, everything is still possible.


A first quick update from Schwäbisch Hall-Friedberg: Board 1 was Caro-Kann, Melanie with white has more room, but besides everything still equal. Board 2: Irina did not play her recommendation from her recent Chessbase article nor the sharp system from previous year with g4 against Philidor, here also not much has happened yet. Board 3: Dina has apparently overlooked some tactics on the e4 square, Sophie is a solid pawn up. Board 4/5 not much has happened, but board 6: to my opinion, Jana’s position is just bad, her king is not protected and she is underdeveloped, fortunately for her at least the queens are gone. But I am not sure whether she can hold the position.


The matches have started, there are some surprises in the teams. Here the pairings:

Schwäbisch Hall – Friedberg:

Nino Batsiashvili-Melanie Lubbe
Irina Bulmaga-Filiz Osmanodja
Sophie Milliet-Dina Belenkaya
Ekaterina Atalik-Anna Kantane
Sopiko Guramishvili-Smaranda Padurariu
Jana Zpevakova-Alisa Frey

So especially Elena Levushkina is not there, whom we had expected. Irina has the possibility for a revenge with changed colours against Filiz, in Cappelle she recently lost.

Deizisau-Bad Königshofen


First pictures


Nino and Irina



Irina against Filiz




Playing Hall

Everything is still in the opening phase, next update shortly. By the way: if you belive the internet, Rodewisch is clear favorite against Hamburg, Rodewisch has a very strong team this weekend with among others Bodnaruk and Rudolf.


All players from our team have safely arrived in Schwäbisch Hall yesterday, we will depart to Deizisau in a few hours time. The first posting from Deizisau will come around 2:30 PM, half an hour after the clocks have been started at 2 PM.

Today, Deizisau is playing against Bad Königshofen and Schwäbisch Hall against Friedberg (our travel partner of the previous season). The teams behind the championship leaders Bad Königshofen and Schwäbisch Hall in the Bundesliga ranking, Baden Baden and Hamburg, also will look in suspense to the events in Deizisau. Especially Hamburg has with Rodewisch a strong opponent which has still chances for he podium on Saturday, and Baden Baden will not underestimate Großlehna on Sunday.

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