Live-Ticker from Deizisau: Day 2

2000_IMG_6428Alina Kashlinskaya

Welcome to the 2nd day of the women’s Bundesliga in Deizisau. The pairings are out, the games have been started. Schwäbisch Hall had a surprise for Bad Königshofen: Alina Kashlinskaya is replacing Jana Zpevakova.


Sensational turn of events, Irina wins her endgame against Savina after Savina gave the knight for her free pawns and did not succeed, final result 3.5-2.5 for Schwäbisch Hall


Sophie lost against Maria Schöne, Irina is still fighting for a draw. There might be chances, but probability is not high. However, both are playing only on their increment.


Deizisau surprisingly turned the match and won 3.5-2.5 as Foisor and Schleining won their more or less equal endgames against Lubbe and Belenkaya

2000_IMG_6462Impressions from the playing hall


Nino won – bishop sacrifice, nice endgame technique, means 2.5-1.5. Irina is 2 pawns down, Sophie’s position is difficult, my current estimation is that she is fighting for a draw, so a win over Bad Königshofen is to my opinion relatively far away.

Friedberg leads also 2.5-1.5 against Deizisau (Klek-Padurariu draw), the remaining positions are difficult but should be sufficient for winning in total.


Board 5 draw, Nino only one pawn up with bishops of opposite colours, should still be won. Irina got the exchange back, but is 2 pawns down, her only chance is that the queens are still on the board.


Friedberg is leading against Deizisau (Anna Kantane won).

The remaining boards for Schwäbisch Hall-Bad Königshofen: Nino should win, 2 pawns up in a bishop endgame. Irina should still be lost with correct play. Sophie and Ekaterina: unclear.


1-1, Alina has won. Nino should normally win. Irina’s position is probably lost with correct play.


Board 6: Sopiko’s position has lost after a rook sacrifice, Irina is an exchange and a pawn down, but still has some counterchances. Nino has a winning position, should be a matter of time. Sophie is still an exchange down. Who is better there is very difficult to judge, as now white also has a free pawn. Ekaterina’s endgame is difficult to judge, I do not know why she moved her king to the queen-side as black has a pawn majority on the king-side.

Deizisau-Friedberg 1-1, boards 2 and 6 draw.


All games still running. Board 1: Nino’s position looks good with a free pawn on d6. Board 2: Alina with queen and 2 bishops against 2 rooks and a knight and 2 pawns against Josefine Heinemann. Board 3: Irina with a complicated position and chances for both sides. Board 4: after wild tactical complications Sophie is an exchange for a pawn down, but with better pawn structure. Queens are still on  the board, both kings relatively unsafe. Board 5: Ekaterina with an ending 2 knights vs. knight and bishop, 8 pawns each. Board 6: Sopiko still under pressure, I think she is slightly worse, it depends whether any sacrifices e.g. on h7 are possible.


Th most interesting position is on board 2 Heinemann-Kashlinskaya. Josefine gave first a bishop for 3 pawns, now the queen could take the rook on a8, but it looks as if she has to give the queen for 2 rooks as the queen will otherwise be trapped. Sophie on board 4 is in an attacking mood against Schöne. Irina has also attacking chances against Savina, but a doubled c-pawn. Nino has 1/2 hour time advantage against Girya on board 1.

A quick glance to Deizisau and Friedberg: the most interesting position is between Klek and Padurariu (board 5) with each 2 rooks and 2 bishops and a lot of tactical possibilities.


First update: boards 2 (Alina) and 4 (Sophie) are very sharp, Sophie played her Sicilian with h5/g5 and Alina already offered a pawn sacrifice in a french with opposite castling. Anastasia Savina chose a relatively passive opening against Irina Bulmaga (1.Nc6 on e4 and then e6/d6), all other games just through the opening phase.


A few words wrapping up yesterday: Nino told me at dinner, that she always had draw in her game, I really want to see the analysis here. I thought, Melanie has missed some chances. Regarding Jana’s game: we were surprised when the computer engine showed, that she was already better with her king on b3. Even Alisa Frey thought she had advantage at this time. Jana had prepared the variation directly before the game at the hotel.

One could argue, with Alina we would have won. But she could not come already Friday for personal reasons. And: especially Jana on board 6 played one of her best games since playing for Schwäbisch Hall.

Now let’s see what happens today, first update from the happenings in the playing hall shortly.


Here all pairings:

Schwäbisch Hall-Bad Königshofen




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